Felipe and Oliver make songs. Mostly in a garage. Felipe drinks fleegix. It makes him feel confident and filled with purpose. Oliver travels to Hungary a lot. He’s not quite comfortable with public baths. Together they make pop music that rocks and has a sense of humor and tragedy. Oh, yes, and hooks. The barbed kind. A three track EP entitled “Fancy Thinking” is soon to be released, although you can find it streaming on their site. Those three songs cover a lot of ground. Now, more fleegix.

About EP2

As a follow up to last year’s smashingly good EP, “Fancy Thinking,” Felipe and Oliver embark on a new, dancier (new adjective) version of themselves. Still mining the incredibly catchy hooks as before, they have added a touch of soul, a bootier (new adjective) bass, and synths. They have also been coining new words (see above) like mad.

Step into a new world called Fandocore with track one, “Because.”
“This is our gift to our rhythmically challenged fans”, says Felipe. “It’s got a four on the floor beat that almost anyone can gyrate to,” he adds, ending on a preposition.
“It’s a call out to anyone who’s been rejected,” adds Oliver, who has, as of yet, never felt the sting of spurned love. “This is what I imagine unrequited love sounds like, but you know, with damn hot beat.”

“I Can’t Turn You On” is track two. You should listen to it after “Because.” “Dig that snare sound,” says Felipe and Oliver in unison. This is the rocker on the album.

Do you remember that time when you took a time machine back to 1986 and went to that drugged out pool party. Me neither. But “It’s Just Your Nature” reminds you of that melodic and lazy time that never happened. This song features a sixties R&B rhythm guitar, synths that could have been in the Neverending Story, and a bass that is mildy baroque.

“Wishes” documents the time Felipe saw Charlotte across half empty bar at closing time on Valentine’s day. Forlorn, desolate, and lovely, the true story is actually much happier. Why are you so gloomy, Felipe?

Another biographical tune. Let’s say you had your home was broken into in the middle of the night. Let’s say you fought the intruder and managed to survive. How long would you wait to write a song about it. “About three years,” says Felipe. “That cello cuts like a knife,” says Oliver, alluding to Felipe skill at wielding a blade. Yeah, it kind of does.

About the EP ‘Fancy Thinking’

Felipe has a garage. Oliver has a past. For some reason, when they collide, great songs emerge. Consider “We’ll be Alright.” Ostensibly a sunny pop song, Felipe revealed during a hard night of gin and tonics the stark truth of the song.
“It’s about surviving a home invasion.”
Later that same night, Felipe was overheard confiding in Oliver, “I’m a nihilist. A strangely happy nihilist.”
This sentiment, along with Felipe’s strong objection to Libertarianism, is the impetus for “I Don’t Care.” Even if you don’t agree with him politicly, you can’t disagree with the sheer power of the chorus. It’s undeniable. Oliver takes over the ending of this song with some devil may care drumming. Wild is an understatement.
The third and final song of the EP, “The World is Too Small,” is anthem to anyone who’s tried to avoid an ex. Or do you really want to avoid them? The song features some sparse and aggressive piano playing by Matthew Casebeer, and a near deadly fuzz guitar solo by Felipe.